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An empty bag might or might not be extremely gentle and foldable to a small measurement. Whether it is, This can be convenient for carrying it towards the position where it is needed, such as a store, and for storage of empty bags.

The most effective wallets we've seen in quite a long time are wallets that get the job done additional time — They are really billfolds, coin purses, and purses rolled up into a person portable, attractive accent that could be Utilized in several settings.

verb – earlier tense, earlier participle bagged – 1. to put into a bag. in 'n sak steek يَضَعُ في كيس أو حَقيبَه، يُعَبّئ пъхам в торба ensacar dát do tašky, dát do pytle in eine Tasche stecken pakke sine ting βάζω σε τσάντα ensacar, embolsar kotti panema در کیسه یا پاکت ریختن asettaa kassiin mettre en sac לַשִׂים בַּתִיק थैले में रखना strpati u torbu zsákba rak memasukkan ke kantung sekkja, setja í poka mettere in una borsa 袋に入れる 자루에 넣다 (į)dėti į krepšį likt somā/maisā mengisi ke dalam beg in een zak doen putte/ha i en pose wsadzać do torby به بکس کی اچول، په کڅوړه كي اچول، په تو بره كي اچول ensacar a pune în sacoşă класть в мешок dať do tašky spraviti v vrečo staviti u torbu packa (lägga) i påse (säck) ใส่ถุง; เอาใส่กระเป๋า torbaya koymak 把.

The translations under must be checked and inserted above into the appropriate translation tables, eliminating any figures. Quantities don't always match People in definitions. See instructions at Wiktionary:Entry layout#Translations.

In the 14th century, cautious of pickpockets and burglars, Many of us used drawstring baggage, through which to carry their income. These baggage had been hooked up to "girdles" by means of an extended cord mounted on the waistline.

A travel wallet when travelling is usually a no-brainer. Acquiring a single will allow finding by means of airport Verify details a lot quicker and will also make it easier to preserve all important files in one put. Figure out below ways to pick the best journey wallet for yourself. 

You may update any backpack, apart from the ender backpack, to a large backpack by Placing tanned leather-based all-around it:

Baggage vary from tiny types, like purses, to massive types to be used in traveling like a suitcase. The pockets of clothes may also be a kind of bag, developed into the clothing for the carrying of suitably little objects.

To carry together with your fingertips or slipped under your arm, these night luggage and clutch baggage incorporate the ultimate touch of sophistication and femininity to each outfit. Readily available in variations and colours created to go well with any scenario, they ensure elegance for all occasions.

we experienced the sport almost from the bag → el partido estaba casi ganado, 10íamos el partido casi en el bote (Sp)

ice bag, ice pack - a water resistant bag full of ice: placed on your body (Primarily The top) to chill or lessen swelling

feedbag, nosebag - a canvas bag that is used to feed an animal (for instance a horse); covers the muzzle and fastens at the very best of the head

overnight directory bag, overnight case, overnighter - a small touring bag to hold outfits and components for being right away

On times if you find yourself traveling long distances or just want to satisfy up with friends devoid of carrying your complete existence along with you as part of your pocketbook, a multipurpose wallet can maintain many objects and serve various functions, doing away with the need to have one hundred other items along with you. 

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